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Max’s style Fried Chicken

Max’s style Fried Chicken
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Get the details of this Max’s Style Fried Chicken here:

Max’s Style Fried Chicken or Max Fried Chicken is our own version or a copycat of the famous Fried Chicken Recipe of Max’s Restaurant in the Philippines. The chicken recipe calls for Spring Chicken or Cornish game hen, which are smaller than your ordinary chicken.

This quick and easy fried chicken recipe will need you to steam the chicken first before frying. This method gives Max’s Fried Chicken (our copycat version) the nice crisp texture. It also absorbs the flavor of the seasonings and spices added while steaming. Max’s Fried chicken is best eaten with Worcestershire sauce and Jufran Banana Ketchup. It is also eaten with a side of Kamote fries (Sweet Potato Fries).

24 Responses to “Max’s style Fried Chicken”

  1. Chic Francisco says:

    I so love Max Fried Chicken. Thank you for teaching us how to prepare and
    fry one. :-)

  2. Francis Garcia says:

    sir vanjo ilang mins dapat steam chicken thank you more power

  3. Celestina Vertudazo says:

    try ko nga yan , tnk u

  4. Yasmen Lacman Camansa says:

    sir dun po sa pagsteam. .mga ilang minuto po bago tangalin mula sa

  5. Richard Bersamira says:

    Ang saraaaap!

  6. Rodney Arones says:

    hnd yan msarap

  7. Maria Gina Barria says:

    Salamat panlasang pinoy, malaking tulong sa mga Pinoy na nandito sa America
    ang mga recipes mo. Pwede KO na maluto mga Pinoy foods na niluluto mo using
    the same ingredients you’re using that are available dito sa America

  8. eliza torres says:

    salamat po sa pag share mo ng menu! god bless.. 🙂 keep up the good work

  9. jun can says:

    Thanks..sarap naman…

  10. Janssen Sibal says:


  11. Summer Noybn says:

    was that all English? cause I didn’t catch but every 5th word..

    • Summer Noybn says:

      +Rinejhie De Leon Awesome, thanks, it looks yummy 🙂

    • Rinejhie De Leon says:

      +Summer Noybn not all the words were english, most of them were in Tagalog
      🙂 if you’d like to try the recipe you can visit the website to understand
      the recipe more, the website is written in english.

    • Summer Noybn says:

      not trying to be disrespectful at all, I just have hearing problems and
      sometimes this is what it sounds like to me when people are speaking
      English… like I understand certain words, like I heard “steam” and
      “chicken” and “frying” “salt” “spring chicken” “ground pepper” but there
      were a lot of words inbetween that I either did not hear correctly or did
      not understand..

  12. toshy al.anazi says:

    He didn’t clean the chicken by using lemonade and flour and water and when
    put salt the blood seep into from the chicken .

  13. rovi milangco says:

    George belev.. u r yucky nasty human.. lol

  14. gabriel lrroy says:

    Pwede bang ilagay na yung salt & pepper bago i-steam?

  15. George Belev says:


  16. Mhatey Osila says:

    ilan minuto dapat steam yun chicken,.? thanks!!

  17. alemar peromingan says:

    sarap ng mang inasal

  18. Santo Miguel says:

    Feed mga Agta; we love fried chicken! Salamat, Po.

  19. gogorucool kun says:


  20. Jane Doe says:

    don’t feed trolls :3