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Mini Donut Croissants- Deep Fried – Dr. Pepper Glaze – Crunchkins!! “Recipe”

Mini Donut Croissants- Deep Fried – Dr. Pepper Glaze – Crunchkins!! “Recipe”
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21 Responses to “Mini Donut Croissants- Deep Fried – Dr. Pepper Glaze – Crunchkins!! “Recipe””

  1. Kimberly Campbell says:

    I love your free spirit your vibe when you cook´╗┐

  2. Cory Simms says:

    anyone else see the ax in the background?´╗┐

  3. Doug Popper says:

    lol what did josh say @ 0:52 to 0:56?´╗┐

  4. thalonelygirl says:

    Sadly, i am one of those unfortunate people to be living with a serious
    gluten allergy. Don’t even get me started on what Monsanto does to our
    crops. Anyway, I got some gluten free pastry dough the other day and wasn’t
    sure what I was gonna do with it til I saw this video. My best friend is
    coming over on Christmas day and we decided to have finger foods instead of
    making a huge Christmas dinner. I’m pretty sure these crunchkins are gonna
    fit the bill.´╗┐

    • Nimity Tei says:

      buckwheat for live girl. u better get ur head around that stuff , its the
      most awesome thing to have when u dont eat any gluten.

  5. ElisaBetty says:

    This is making me so hungry´╗┐

  6. DJ Anthor says:

    Lmao you look and speak like the art guy Bob Ross. HAHAHAHAHA Good

  7. samuel ambrosio says:

    i’ve never found recipes that looked good enough to try at home. That being
    said i cant stop cooking things i find on this channel.´╗┐

  8. LadyAnneBoleyn1536 says:

    I was hungriest when you mentioned your bunghole, Joshy! I want to give
    that a taste! You’re so sexy! <3´╗┐

  9. DanKlordFOURTWENTY 28GsFG says:

    They split because you didn’t turn them in the oil. They got crispy on the
    bottom side that faced the heat. The expanding batter erupted through the
    undercooked soft upper side. Next time try turning them in the pot with
    wooden spoons so they heat evenly. Should give you a more round crunchkin
    with more even and prominent layering´╗┐

  10. mmanda515 says:

    Nice… love the addition of Dr. Pepper for the glaze– great idea! That
    being said, not sure if it would work AS well (but might work even better?)
    & would save ya even more time… Instead of puff-pastry, which can be
    expensive— try those store bought Pillsbury flaky layer biscuits (in that
    it’s gonna scare the #$&@# outta U -even tho ya know it’s coming…
    pop-open-can! lol) OR the croissant ones/crescent roll version. Thinkin’
    you wouldn’t have to even do the step w/ the butter (tho I wonder if it
    would make them even buttery-er?) & could go right to rolling ’em out,
    cutting, frying, & eating!! =) nom nom nom, thanks for the recipe!´╗┐

  11. Luciane Lui says:

    donut boobs´╗┐

  12. Brandon Clark says:

    Great video man´╗┐

  13. Praetinee Pattamayutanon says:

    completely genius´╗┐

  14. Rebecca Hannah says:

    Love! ´╗┐

  15. Lilav Darmody (Lilly) says:

    haha , what is that? theres like an alien thing going on…oh wow I have
    two balls from one.´╗┐

  16. Fun Haulin & Deals says:

    Love some of the technique’s you use! TFS!

  17. Colin Wood says:

    “Welcome back to another video of Josh Gets High and Makes Dessert”´╗┐

  18. Pat Stone says:

    You fed him after midnight, that’s why he split into two, never, never feed
    him after midnight.´╗┐

  19. ILoveStemi (Aria) says:

    I shouldn’t be watching this at one in the morning. I’m so hungry!´╗┐