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Pressure Cooked Fried Chicken

Pressure Cooked Fried Chicken
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This is a meal that is very diabetic friendly. It is easy and everyone in the family will enjoy it. Especially the cook.
For the diabetic, there are no carbs in the chicken. So it should not raise blood sugar readings. Add a salad some pickles a vegetable and you have a great dinner.
Use spices you like make it super hot or mild, Change the spices on separate pieces of the chicken. Make it so you and your family can all enjoy it.
For the cook it is fast and easy and not a bad meal to clean up later.
You can cook the chicken in the pressure cooker then freeze some of it for a later meal. Thaw it out and brown it in the broiler pan, or on the bbq. You could coat the pieces with spices or a bbq sauce then brown it for different flavours with the same meat. Have some dipping sauces for people who like to dip their foods, or like to put it on the chicken itself. The sky is the limit for those.
I used a whole chicken but legs work well and legs with the back attached would also be good.
It is good cold so you can send it in lunches as is or cut it up and add to salads.
Notice how I do not mention sandwiches. They are not diabetic friendly but once in a while they make a nice treat.
The only chicken Don ever liked was rotisserie so that is what I made for him but that changed when I tried this method. Now it is our go to meal.
I hope you try it and more important I hope your diabetic family member enjoys it as much as Don and I do.

32 Responses to “Pressure Cooked Fried Chicken”

  1. grandma lynda says:

    Definitely a Dalek. The long marriage is partly due to marrying a wonderful
    man. Another part is listening to my Grandmother. She said he is a keeper
    and she was right so I kept him. Thanks for commenting.

    • Testing, testing...1,2,3... says:

      OMG, y’all are too cute!

    • aida bach says:

      +Mike Adams the fresher the eggs are, the tighter the skins stick to the
      shells. If you want the hard boiled eggs not to stick to the shells, you
      need to wait 2 or 3 weeks…. I tried it several times, with plenty of
      first-hand experiences.

    • grandma lynda says:

      The recipe came from my Mirron pressure canner. Seemed funny to get a
      family meal in there as it is a 21 Litre canner. 🙂 After reading it Don
      went out and bought me the pressure cooker so I could try it. He is such a
      good guy. and my kitchen has so many gadgets had to move some of them to
      the basement. :)thanks for watching.

    • Mike Adams says:

      +grandma lynda You’re an excellent cook and as my Grandmother always said,
      “the way to a man’s heart is STILL thru his stomach.” She was right back
      then and still these many decades later into the 21st century.

      I just purchased a brand new Farberwear 6-QT Pressure Cooker ($59) a few
      hours ago (pre Black Friday sale at Walmart) and can’t wait to try out your
      Chicken recipe which looks totally spectacular. My only question for you is
      where and from whom did you learn it?

      Actually, I bought it particularly to cook hard-boiled eggs being it’s the
      most preferred way of doing them. Reason being, the shells will NEVER STICK
      when peeling–even same day freshly laid eggs! It’s how the pro’s such as
      Sauders Eggs cook them.

      Formerly, I used my old original non-electric PC to make most everything
      for dinner over the years just as my maternal grandmother did. She cooked
      everything using one including the main course, vegetables and side-dishes.

      PC’s are the next best thing to a Microwave Oven only better due to the
      moist steam heating which doesn’t dry things out. Your chicken recipe being
      a perfect example. Will let you know how it turns out! You and Don are an
      extraordinarily charming couple. It’s entirely self-evident you both think
      the world of one another. Thanks for sharing and uploading this video!

  2. Kaytea Phelps says:

    Much healthier than all the oil and junk. I will be trying this for sure!

  3. T. Kemp says:

    That rack I believe is used for frozen pizza. to make the crust crispy on
    the bottom.

  4. Greg Hunt says:

    Thanks for this Grandma Lynda!!!!!!!

  5. grandma lynda says:

    I do know how to cut up a chicken. I used to be very good at it. But with
    my disability I cannot do it properly any more.
    So I do the best I can when I am able. When I can no longer do it, I will
    either buy them cup up or teach Don to do it.
    I hope the video can help help others. So thanks for sharing it.

  6. T. Kemp says:

    I really love watching your videos. have watched them all more then once.
    looking for something new to watch from you… Hope all is well with you
    and your health. making the pc fried chicken tonight. after watching your

  7. MrKonan83 says:

    don’t make woman like her or my mom anymore!!!!! god bless you both !!!l
    hope I find one like both of you but the pickings slim!!! haha!!!!

  8. SabotPottery says:

    looks lovely, I’ll have to give it a try. One thing, when you put it into
    your oven, was it on fan-force or was it just grilling. cheers from Paul in
    Adelaide, South Australia.

  9. Grandma Adelaide says:

    Oh grandma lynda that looks delicious. Thank you so much, and to Don also ,
    for taking the time to show us from beginning to end. You two are a lovely

  10. derek marsh says:

    do not wash chicken it contaminates everything

  11. Eric Rachal says:

    That device is a PIZZA SCREEN,, used to make a crispy crust on your
    personal pizza’s.

  12. Angela McLamb says:

    Not only did I learn something but you two are lovely to watch. Very down
    to earth. Thank you and God bless

    • grandma lynda says:

      +Angela McLamb with us what you see is the real us. so glad you found us
      and learned something new. 🙂

  13. jedediahbc says:

    The spine is the best part of the chicken!

  14. Juanita Bonita says:

    I will try this one. I will catch our neighboor chicken. That chicken of my
    neighboor is totaly disaster. So I better to cook it.

  15. maniacram says:

    So Adorbs!!

  16. Gold Vulcan says:

    i love her lol

  17. akio asou says:

    It’s not “fried”
    It is steamed.
    But I don’t care .
    Because It seems so happy! Good!!

  18. LyNx Billzz says:

    I love these two, they are awesome! Thank you so much for your fried
    chicken recipe. Looked delicious.

  19. Farhad Firouzi says:

    That round thing you put on bottom of the pressure cooker it’s called
    “Mesh” used for making pizzas.

  20. jedediahbc says:

    I’ll take that back bone!