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Pro at Cooking: Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Pro at Cooking: Bacon Wrapped Chicken
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with fried bacon

Pro at Cooking: Bacon Wrapped Chicken

with fried bacon

16 Responses to “Pro at Cooking: Bacon Wrapped Chicken”

  1. satish890 says:

    always with the straw lol

  2. sovernsectwarren says:

    I like Elliot for his philosophical talks. I don’t believe that eating
    chicken in abundance is good for you. Fish is good for you as it’s very low
    in cholesterol but personally I don’t eat chicken because of it’s high
    cholesterol value and I don’t support the killing of animals in slaughter
    farms for food. Elliot needs chicken or else his muscles would drop off
    fast due to a lack of protein.

  3. T2DarIantan says:

    sure if you eat it every day

  4. sovernsectwarren says:

    Someone doesn’t care about their health or cholesterol. Chicken + Bacon =
    Garbage for you

  5. Fringe13 says:

    Since the bacon was good with breading, next time you do this you should
    coat the chicken again when putting bacon on it.

  6. DoobleHD says:

    Wait this isnt Dave…

  7. funkystifler says:

    last time i checked factorys made more than just one pan

  8. ownageintheface says:

    t2 you should make the church of deep fried bacon. its just as realistic as
    all the others

  9. twoguysonegoal says:

    Honestly, how can you not like T2?

  10. bddblade says:

    Good lord, heart attack in a pan! ._.

  11. kratos4evr says:

    Long time fan, have watched your videos before when you had another
    channel, keep it up man!!! 😀 Make more anime reviews.. that was good stuff.

  12. Ghettosutra says:

    Looks nice as T2, Might have to try it, cheers 😉

  13. chudwizer says:

    nice tips, will try this soon 🙂

  14. Sophie Liddle says:

    Justsome advice for when cooking chicken (if you dont know) You should
    always stick a chopstick, fork or tooth pick or something into the chicken
    and see if any blood comes out, that way you can be sure its cooked or not
    and get sick lol

  15. PrezDaNTOFFICIAL says:

    t2 is a phat azz XD

  16. Sophie Liddle says:

    glad to see you back on youtube t2