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Southern Breaded Deep Fried Chicken Strips

Southern Breaded Deep Fried Chicken Strips
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Welcome back to the second episode of "In Our Country Kitchen" which features Southern Breaded Deep Fried Chicken Strips, step by step details.

This excellent meal/recipe includes:

Chicken Strips (breasts)
Garlic salt
Chopped onion

Southern Breaded Deep Fried Chicken Strips is a staple in Southern cuisine, and you just can't beat the scrumptious taste.

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Bill & Cheryl

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4 Responses to “Southern Breaded Deep Fried Chicken Strips”

  1. Brent Hall says:

    I think I just got deliciously fat watching this. . . so tasty. nom nom

  2. Alex Poon says:

    Good cooking

  3. mojodojo24 says:

    Alright Bill & Cheryl I’m going to try Bill’s recipe tonight! Sounds a lot
    better than the traditional egg & flower chicken strips. Can’t wait!!!!!
    Thank you for posting!

  4. Renee Moles-Marks says:

    Good demo! I have always put my seasonings in the flour for any meat. My
    seasoning are all powered because I use only sea salt with iodine. ;-)