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Southern Fried Chicken Recipe – Better than Popeyes! | I Heart Recipes

Southern Fried Chicken Recipe – Better than Popeyes! | I Heart Recipes
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Learn how to make the best southern fried chicken! This recipe is easy to make, No more having to go to KFC or Popeyes for a leg or wing. This recipe is pretty simple, and easy to follow, so let's get started.

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Hey there, I'm Rosie – Welcome to my YouTube Cooking Channel. I Heart Recipes is a hip and up to beat cooking show that show you how to make your favorite comforts. I cook everything from your favorites southern and soul food dishes, to you favorites restaurant dishes. All of my cooking / recipe videos are short , sweet, and straight to the point, and easy enough for cooking beginners to follow.

38 Responses to “Southern Fried Chicken Recipe – Better than Popeyes! | I Heart Recipes”

  1. I Heart Recipes says:

    Don’t forget to watch my Southern Fried Chicken Recipe! XOXO

  2. Sultana Jones says:

    could you make stuffed fried chicken thighs and legs? I saw your stuffed
    wings that were baked, looks amazing! and your fried chicken looks amazing
    could you now stuff and fry your dark meats and wings?

  3. Jack Groning says:

    How about a Recipe for Sourthern Fried Catfish, with HushPuppies?..Thanks

  4. Skyebooo says:

    Peanut oil is truly the best for deep frying. It can rise to a higher
    temperature than other oils and it gives a savory, nutty flavor.

  5. veronica “veronica” mcpherson says:

    that looks great, i always use peanut oil to fry chicken ,it has a higher
    smoking point than veg, or corn oil which irritates my eyes when it gets
    too high in temp..anyways i will try using the buttermilk next time..

  6. Skyebooo says:

    Interesting fact from Chef Bill Briwa of the Culinary Institute of America:
    Deep frying at home is more healthier than at restaurants because
    restaurants have to use a commercial grade oil with trans-fats while home
    frying does not. Also, he teaches not to deep fry your food beyond it
    bubbling in the oil. The bubbling is the water escaping from the food and
    it puts a barrier between the food and the oil. Once the bubbling stops,
    the oil is penetrating the food.

  7. LiftBro says:

    Gumbo! Gumbo please!

  8. NereideTriton says:

    Can i bake this? Will the recipe be the same?

  9. Albert (alberto) says:

    best thing to come out from America

  10. forevaschemin says:

    I need to marry you

  11. omi islam says:

    how long are you supposed to fry them & at what oil temp ?

  12. moonchild says:

    DOING THIS!! but with a buttermilk subsitute…

  13. Brandon says:

    Great video and you have a very pleasant voice

  14. richard duron says:

    Fried Catfish

  15. Rob W says:

    i like your recipe, i am going to use it , but i am one of those that don’t
    like moist chicken, i cook mine long and thoroughly and i like the meat on
    the dry side, i have a phobia about chicken being under cooked

    • Jonathan R. says:

      That makes me want to cry, I am so sorry you have to make yourself suffer
      such torture to eat it that way

  16. Charlie Edwards says:

    I changed my diet. Now instead of eating fried chicken I only watch videos
    of it. Torturing myself…

  17. James R Hayden says:

    fried chicken looks fantastic! thanks. gotta try it soon. And, hey,
    summer’s coming up too! Perfect!

  18. joel george says:

    What’s poultry seasoning?

    • samiah antoine says:

      +Caius Bacchus oh ok

    • Caius Bacchus says:

      +joel george 5mins
      PREP 5 MINS
      COOK 0 MINS
      INGREDIENTS Nutrition

      1/2 cup
      1 1⁄2 teaspoons salt
      1⁄4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
      1⁄2 teaspoon onion powder
      1⁄4 teaspoon garlic granules
      1⁄2 teaspoon paprika
      1⁄4 teaspoon ground black pepper
      1⁄4 teaspoon rubbed sage
      1⁄4 teaspoon dried thyme
      1⁄4 teaspoon dried oregano
      1⁄8 teaspoon cumin

      Mixed well

    • 83prettyblack says:

      It’s chicken season.In season aisle.

  19. Salvatore Escoti says:

    Hey lady, do you have ANY native American food recipie, I actually dont
    know any native american dish. Merci

    • Jonathan R. says:

      Want some Brunswick stew and corn bread? lol that’s the only native
      American dishes I can think of atm