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Southern Fried Fish

Southern Fried Fish
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The Wolfe Pit makes Deep Fried cornmeal crusted fried fish

Southern Fried Fish

The Wolfe Pit makes Deep Fried cornmeal crusted fried fish

30 Responses to “Southern Fried Fish”

  1. TheGovernmentslave says:

    Fish and Slaw that’s about good as it gets. Fish looked cooked perfect.

  2. Food Porn Network says:

    Looks guud but wheres the tartar sauce my brotha? Gotsta have it!

  3. lauriehintz says:

    Yummm…….I have some fish in my freezer & cornmeal….I know what I’m
    making tomorrow!

  4. TheWolfePit says:

    Double ditto to that!!

  5. TheWolfePit says:

    Thanks Daryl!

  6. TheWolfePit says:

    Thank you Rivera!!!!

  7. TheWolfePit says:

    Thank you!!!

  8. TheWolfePit says:

    Texas Pete was my tartar sauce of the day!! I didn’t even think about
    making tartar sauce, dammit! Thanks for watching Gary!

  9. TheWolfePit says:

    Hope you enjoy Laurie!!

  10. Vonesh L says:

    Love me some fried fish & cole slaw! Yumm!

  11. Tony Jessop says:

    Wow! So simple & looks delicious

  12. cghern75 says:

    Man, that’s making me hungry. How do you like the ceramic top stove? –

  13. TinyandReba says:

    Keep it simply and enjoy!
    Great Job!

  14. Bill Bradshaw says:

    Yeah buddy, looking good. Course you know that should of been catfish. CF

  15. cghern75 says:

    A year later, and it still makes me hungry!!! Nice, Larry!

  16. Bryan Wheeler says:

    awesome man.

  17. Nicole Judah says:

    does anyone know why some of my fish starts to break up while frying in the

    • TheWolfePit says:

      +Nicole Judah Sounds like they’re overcooking and/or the oil is too low and
      they’re getting soggy? Are they crisp when they’re done?

    • Nicole Judah says:


    • Nicole Judah says:

      How do I get them crispy??

    • TheWolfePit says:

      +Nicole Judah Many things can contribute to them being mushy, soggy and not
      crisp. 1. Oil is not hot enough, should be 350º or a little higher, 2.
      Overcrowding the oil by adding too much at once which decreases the oil
      temp, cook in small batches to avoid this, 3. Fish is still frozen which
      drops the temp of the oil.

    • Nicole Judah says:

      +TheWolfePit ok. I will check the temp. because thats the only thing you
      mentioned Im not absolutely sure of. Thanx so much for responding didnt
      think you would seeing as the video is a few years old.

  18. fab5frk says:

    You are definitely the man. Thx.

  19. jaileen zayas says:

    love this thank you :-)… perfection!!

  20. Night Hawk Guns says:

    where did you get your fish scooper or what ever you call it. i like that
    one fics looks very good