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Turkey Recipes – How to Make Deep Fried Turkey

Turkey Recipes – How to Make Deep Fried Turkey
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Watch how to deep fry a whole turkey to a crisp finish in just 45 minutes. In the video, you'll see tips for deep-frying the bird safely and for selecting the best oil for this operation. The result will be a flavorful turkey with a crispy skin and moist, juicy inside—and it's ready in less than an hour.

37 Responses to “Turkey Recipes – How to Make Deep Fried Turkey”

  1. EsplionNate10 says:

    I recently brought a electric turkey fryer. will is recipe work with the
    electric turkey fryer?

  2. Anna Pink says:


  3. Amera Mohamed says:

    I love your recipes so much and i do it 

  4. keenedge100 says:

    Alton Brown deep fries turkeys, but he must have set a fire once because he
    is fanatical about cooking it away from the house, with home made pulleys
    on a ladder, a comfortable chair, all your utensils, thick gloves, etc.

  5. Jessica Fox says:

    I brine my turkey every time I fry it. As long as you pull it out of the
    brine well before you fry it, the turkey will have time to dry. Using paper
    towels to soak up excess moister works too.

  6. Paws LM says:

    Seriously! Why?

  7. CookingEZ says:


  8. Justin Pitonzo says:


  9. CookingEZ says:

    Looks delist

  10. Balázs Rapcsák says:

    soooo much faaaaat :OOO disgusting

  11. Elissa Celino (KizzMyCntryAzz) says:

    How totally unhealthy yuck like the taste of traditional turkey better

  12. cartouchator says:

    why on earth would deep fry it? sure it cooks fast but it won’t be anywhere
    near as flavourful as roasting. on top of all that expensive oil being bad
    for you.

    • CologneCarter says:

      +Israel Lopez Marinate in Cajun butter? Tell me more, please. As I am
      German I’m not very familiar with Cajun cooking at all. But it sounds

    • Israel Lopez says:

      Don’t knock it until you try it. It cooks in 40 mins and is juicer than any
      roasted turkey I have ever had. Let it marinate in a Cajun butter for a few
      days and you have one of the best birds you have ever tried.

  13. SaMoaSix8Five says:

    thank you! finally a clear easy video on how to do this

  14. Karen Samuel says:

    This will really cut down on my turkey cooking time – thanks!

    • TickleMeShlomo says:

      another way is to quarter it, then roast the pieces together face down with
      mirepoix. not as visually appealing, but i guess you can reassemble the
      turkey after cooking 😛

    • Allrecipes says:

      Karen, we hope you will give this Deep Fried Turkey a try! Let us know how
      you like it 🙂

  15. Traci Eshleman says:

    I was asked to deep fry a turkey this year, thanks to this video, I am a
    little less intimidated!!! That turkey looks delicious!!!

    • Allrecipes says:

      Hi Traci! This is a great recipe, and you will see that it’s actually
      fairly easy to make! Please let us know how this works out for you 🙂

  16. OneSidedScar TwoFaceBlackandWhite says:

    Would the peanut oil give a different flavor from vegetable or canola oil?

    • Allrecipes says:

      Thank you for your question. The flavor will be slightly different. You
      can certainly try this with vegetable or canola oil instead. Enjoy!

  17. TheJodo2010 says:

    Can you tell me what size pot I should use to fry it in? I have a 20 quart
    stock pot but I don’t think that it would be big enough for a turkey.

  18. praspurgh says:

    to save oil, you can just cut your bird in pieces then fry it…

    • Allrecipes says:

      Great idea! And the individual pieces of the turkey will fry up faster as
      well. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. eyeYQ2 says:

    I’m ASSUMING it might be a BAD idea to brine the turkey, since it might add
    water, hence more liquid to the oil when deep frying?

    • Allrecipes says:

      Thank you for your question. You are right! We wouldn’t recommend brining
      the turkey for that exact reason. Enjoy!

    • eyeYQ2 says:

      Awww, I would miss the great smell of the cooking of the turkey in the
      oven, not to mention the great drippings from the pan to make giblet gravy.
      I would try this recipe at another time, other then Thanksgiving. Thank you.

  20. Lenah709 says:

    I would love me some deep fried turkey! Deep fried turkey sandwich.. Yum!

    • CologneCarter says:

      +Allrecipes I would if I could, but there is no way around here. I live in
      a small inner city apartment in Germany with no garden to cook outside and
      there is no deep fryer for home use available big enough to submurge an
      entire chicken much less a turkey,

      I wonder would that work as well with say just turkey legs? They may fit in
      the deep fryer…

    • Allrecipes says:

      Give it a try, it’s worth the effort 🙂