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Vietnamese Crispy Spring Roll – Nem rán / Chả giò

Vietnamese Crispy Spring Roll – Nem rán / Chả giò
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Full recipe at (Xem cong thuc day du tai)
Dipping sauce
** You can freeze the fried rolls and re-fry to serve again
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33 Responses to “Vietnamese Crispy Spring Roll – Nem rán / Chả giò”

  1. Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

    @Johan Kim: Please join Google+ so I can reply you. The bubbles appear
    because the rice paper or the filling is wet. So soften rice paper with a
    slightly dampf cloth and avoid making the filling wet.

    • Julia L (Jewels) says:

      +Justine Bean =[ did it stay intact when you fried it?

    • Justine Bean says:

      Yeah just be careful don’t let them touch when you first put them in the oil

    • sxnkxnrxck says:

      +Julia L (Jewels)
      The heat was most likely med-low to low heat. If you fry it and it starts
      to splatter, your rice paper is either too wet or your heat is too high.

    • Julia L (Jewels) says:

      +sxnkxnrxck It doesn’t splatter the thing just rips a hole idk why

    • Justine Bean says:

      Did you buy it from an asian store or wal mart? The ones at wal mart dont
      get bought frequently so i think they’re not as fresh as the ones at the
      asian store

  2. Marie Many says:

    I love Vietnamese food!!

  3. Thomas Marie says:

    Thank you for explaining the difference between the Chinese egg roll and
    the Vietnamese spring roll. I am going to try this recipe

    • Teia Koi says:

      The ingredients inside Vietnamese spring roll are more and it contains more
      meat. Chinese is the opposite. Also egg rolls is a very popular and common
      dish in Vietnam. Many different region will have different version of it,
      this is just one of them. Some places use regular egg roll wrappers too but
      using spring wrappers is a Vietnamese twist. Though I recommend you
      experiment with whatever you want to put inside. That’s the fun part of
      cooking it yourself.

  4. James Dooling says:

    Rice paper is much more delicate than it appears; especially once it goes
    into the oil. Be gentle with them when turning. I might suggest
    double-wrapping each one for the novice fryer. It doesn’t add much time to
    the cooking process and will keep all of your goodies from falling out into
    the oil.

    I like to soak each sheet in water quickly, lay one down, soak the next,
    lay it right on top of the first one — a few air bubbles between the
    sheets are okay, but not many — and then start rolling. You can also roll
    each one first, then go back and re-wrap each one in a second sheet, but
    this technique is more difficult in removing the air bubbles between the
    sheets. If you like really crispy, really dark, really fried spring rolls,
    you can wrap each one twice the first time, then add a third sheet;
    however, if you do this, you will want to partially pre-cook any ground
    meats you might be using.

    If you’re more adventurous and have a large frying pan, you can lay down
    four sheets in a horizontal “8” or infinity shape and make really long
    spring rolls. Make sure the sheets are overlapping well and not just laid
    side-by-side. This is often how restaurants make their rolls so they may be
    sliced into 4-6 pieces each and then plated to have a smaller, sushi-roll

  5. Minh Vo says:

    you are 03 star

  6. Huong Nguyen says:

    Cảm ơn Helen nha.

  7. Djien Coolldoown12.8 says:

    nice a little bit of Hart cheese in strip ;-)

  8. PaulOrientedotcom says:

    The best rolls in the world. I like the tip with using the damp towel on
    the rice paper. Thank you Helen!

  9. b lee says:

    Helen. This was delicious. Was a hit with everyone. Thank you!

    I made the mistake of double wrapping some of them. And I’m sure you can
    guess what happened. Very chewy and sticky. Not ideal. :/

  10. Curvy Girl Adventures says:

    I just finished making these and it didn’t turn out well. I followed every
    step and the oil wasn’t on high. The filling tasted oil soaked and the
    attempt to brown them, burned the edges. Once out the oil they didn’t stay
    crisp they immediately became soggy and chewy!! FAIL for me.

  11. Dot Merah says:

    Dear Helen, thank you for videos. I’ve learnt how to make pho ga, pho bo
    and goi cuon from you and served them to my Vietnamese friends. When one
    of them came to my house and walked into the kitchen, he smelled the aroma
    and said, “It reminds me of home.” One said I was very generous with the
    shrimps. I’ll be learning more from you and cook for my Vietnamese friend.
    Cảm ơn – — Greetings from Singapore.

    • Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

      +Dot Merah you are so kind 🙂 your friends are lucky 🙂

  12. Exploitings | Drew says:


  13. Christina Bradley says:

    love your voice!

  14. scomeron says:

    Is the wrapping rice paper the usual one that you use to make soft spring
    rolls with shrimp?

  15. Kamikaze Rena says:

    Tnx fr sharing ur knowledge to us,Helen…i love watching ur videos xoxoxo

  16. luname says:

    great video!!

  17. TekSerf says:

    how do you shred the vegetables so uniformly?

  18. Shirley Ng says:

    Can you freeze it raw?

    • Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

      yes. But do not defrost when you fry. Just fry when the rolls are still
      frozen, otherwise they turn soggy

    • Shirley Ng says:

      How do I freeze them if I’m planning to make 100+ since they stick
      together? With the egg roll wrapper it was ok if it was beside each other
      in the freezer cause you can just rip it apart when its frozen but not sure
      about the rice paper wrappers.

    • Melissa Lester says:

      I just made these and froze a bunch (completely delicious btw). I took a
      long piece plastic wrap and placed it under one, then over the next, then
      under, then over, etc. Nothing touched each other that way, and they froze
      fine. Easier than wrapping each individually.

  19. Mary Rodger says:

    I just found you and love your videos with all of the suggestions. Thank

  20. Peter Fritz Walter says:

    The best Vietnamese cooking channel:)