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Will It Deep Fry? – Taste Test

Will It Deep Fry? – Taste Test
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Eggs? Lemon? Sunglasses?… GMM #533!
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74 Responses to “Will It Deep Fry? – Taste Test”

  1. Kaitlin Elisabeth says:

    Who else is on a ‘Will It?’ marathon?

  2. Braxton White says:

    this is the only “will it?” episode with a grammatically correct title

    • BarbusCraft says:

      Im unsure about will it taco… Is that correct or not? I think it is.

    • Blakester1723 says:

      +BarbusCraft I think it is too.

    • Crazy Crafters says:

      +BarbusCraft no that’s not correct

    • louis tomlinson says:

      Actually, all of the titles are correct because you can use proper nouns as
      verbs. Like, I like this bike and I like to bike are both grammatically
      correct. Lol.

  3. Jessica Kamboj says:

    Wish we could turn back time
    To the ol’ dayyyyyyys
    When link Neallllll
    Had his old hair back

    Just sing it

  4. Annika Reynolds says:

    “can you deep fry an iPhone?”
    ask shane Dawson

  5. Joe Boyd says:

    Anyone here ever a have a deep fried Twinkie?

    • Mickey784cr says:

      +TheTechman2013 Yes.

    • Mariah Dixon says:

      Yep just lost 15 pounds ate a deep fried twinkie gained 80 pounds back

    • James Sexton says:

      i did it like a year ago with my dad on Christmas it was bad in my opinion
      im not saying your opinion though i dont like fighting in text or any way
      you can fight

    • Joe Boyd says:

      +James Sexton Hey, I’m not going to get mad just because you don’t like
      deep fried Twinkies. I probably won’t eat one again ever even if one was
      put in front of me.

  6. Tess Savage says:

    Those eggs were boiled for safety!

    • ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ says:

      +DesHis Yeah, saw it after I commented.

    • Vanessa awesomeness says:

      the egg couldn’t have been boiled because you saw the thing in the middle

    • Vanessa awesomeness says:

      the egg couldn’t have been boiled because you saw the thing in the middle

  7. Neerada Sheanakul says:

    Crispy town was boiled for safety

  8. Zoltán Marosi says:

    When life gives you lemons!


  9. Olivia Vlogs says:

    At 3:14 link takes a bite of the same place Rhett took a bite

  10. Ciccio Freni says:

    The word Health conscious and deep fry do not go togheter xD

  11. Piriathy says:

    lol, the graphics guy had so much fun with the crispee towne signs

  12. Wellwhatdoyouthink says:

    Will It Deep Fry 2? – Taste Test

  13. _Rook says:

    Just gonna be honest, I thought they were gonna deep-fry sweet tea.

  14. Patrick Star says:

    Who’s watching in June 2016?

  15. Mo McAhon says:

    don’t worry….crispee towne was boiled for safety! (why do I keep doing

  16. Sweetlawq says:

    were all your ingredients boiled for safety

  17. steve noble says:


  18. Pontus Häggström says:

    Will it meatball?

  19. M14 _61RL says:

    I’ll meet you at Crispe Town

  20. Yandere- Chan says:

    Kissed by the fry daddies-Rhett and Link.

    • Yandere- Chan says:

      Actually ..You know what Every add for crispys is a Rhett and Link quote.