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World’s Largest/Dumbest Filet-O-Fish

World’s Largest/Dumbest Filet-O-Fish
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Just to clarify… this is not a product of McDoanld's Corp.
This is a product of having too much time on my hands..


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75 Responses to “World’s Largest/Dumbest Filet-O-Fish”

  1. Jacob Bacob says:


  2. Alpha Aura says:

    Did anyone else see the thumbnail and assume that McDonald’s gave it to him
    like that?´╗┐

  3. GDT - ╬ę96 says:

    you should’ve fried the soda cup and eat it too´╗┐

    • Mroker says:


    • Realmadril 202 says:

      hola soy de M├ęxico

    • Matthew Williams says:

      I remember the time when my group was supposed to bring some ingredients
      for Home Ec. and one of my group mates said, “We’ll make fried water.” And
      the teacher took a moment of silence and said, “I’ll look forward to it.”

  4. Gregory Rodriguez says:

    you be better off eating a puffer fish´╗┐

  5. jelly donut says:

    a step by step guide on how to have a heart attack´╗┐

  6. RAMPAGEGAGE says:

    McDonalds in 10 years´╗┐

  7. Z3RO's Channel says:

    This mofo does not allow death to knock on his door he is not human for
    eating so much and not gaining a pound´╗┐

    • Neco Gamez says:

      Watch him have a heart attack

    • JacobIvan says:

      Probably because they don’t like to sit around all day (not saying anything
      about you here btw, dont get me wrong). Sitting around for 6+ hrs in one
      session a day actually stops you from losing weight

    • Ze ├ťbermensch from Deutschland says:

      My best friend eats chocolate, chips, mcdonalds and other crap all day and
      he just doesn’t gain weight.

    • JacobIvan says:

      +Ze ├ťbermensch from Deutschland thats what happens to people sometimes when
      they are young, it coms to them when they get older

    • Rayan Chahed says:

      there are somethings in the body (i dont remember the name) , that is what
      makes you lose weight,some people has more, and other people don’t.

  8. Julian Reimer says:

    thats a potato´╗┐

  9. A Kid From Africa says:

    And here we have, a heat attack in between two buns!´╗┐

  10. TheUnionJake says:


  11. ghassan zahabi says:

    Let’s talk about the thumbnail´╗┐

  12. Joshua Ruwe says:

    That dudes laugh sounds like a windex bottle´╗┐

  13. TheDave CM says:

    Is he eating a cancer´╗┐

  14. omar al-saad says:

    They laugh of the guy whose filming is so annoying´╗┐

  15. Miracle Mile says:

    Watching food while eating this video´╗┐

  16. EOPresents - Gaming, Sports, Comedy says:

    Its like when they put the ting in the burger in good burger´╗┐

  17. MoNeYShoT ll says:

    You must have to puke up after all these. There is no way your body could
    cope with all that oil and fat inside you. Even when a metabolism of a God,
    you’d still die if any of that reached your stomach. xD´╗┐

    • Ho So says:

      God can’t die

    • Indykilla 1 says:

      +Ho So well he ain’t real so then he can’t die

    • Ho So says:

      +Indykilla 1 if u don’t believe in god stop arguing with me you know their
      is one

    • SquirrelCake13 says:

      That seems like a stupid statement. There are multiple Gods in multiple
      beliefs and religions, and multiple philosophies that don’t believe in
      God/Gods, Ho So. It’s okay to disagree with someone but not everyone thinks
      the same way you do, so don’t say ‘OH U KNOW THERE IS ONE’, because
      clearly, he doesn’t ‘know’ there is one, and multiple people don’t ‘know’
      there is one because they don’t believe there is one. I personally, do not
      believe there is one or any. I hope I haven’t offended you, or at least not
      too much, but next time keep your arguments and statements a little more

  18. Micah Thatcher says:

    90 percent of that is frying batter´╗┐